For the German Bb clarinet
For the German Bb clarinet

For the German Bb clarinet

......to be played with our synthetic reeds (series Nommos)
as well as with traditional wooden reeds (Playnick Antique)

In order to enjoy an elitist sound experience we only use
the best hard rubber and the highest quality of material
especially developed for our mouthpieces.

Playnick Antique

op. 26 Weber                                            
from € 240.-*

German romanticism will forever remain the synonym for great sound culture. What would the clarinet be without this literature and all the rich colours needed to achieve this typical sound? Lovely and clear, soft and virtuoso, a flying forte with a bit of sunshine, charming in the subtle piano. For the creation of this mouthpiece we have combined all our experiences gained during these recent years with our successful German model Solist M for wooden reeds. It gets its name right. To be played with soft German reeds 2½ or with French reeds in a medium strength. German bore with a medium tip. Price mouthpiece black: 240 Euro, price mouthpiece in marbled wood-design: 260 Euro

op. 114 Brahms                        
from € 240.-*

This composition offers all the ingredients for clarinet players to become established in sound, music and romantic tone language. The same is valid for the mouthpiece. More than ten years ago we developed the first B2 facing and since that moment we observe almost every day what a top mouthpiece needs to get enthusiastic when talking to so many orchestral soloists. We had hundreds of conversations, we listened, corrected and inspired each other. This mouthpiece is the result of a long common journey. Brilliant and convincing, playable with soft German reeds from strength 2 upward as well as with the usual French cut reeds. German bore with a narrow tip. Price mouthpiece black: 240 Euro, price mouthpiece in marbled wood-design: 260 Euro

Weber or Brahms Set incl. ligature and wooden cap              
from € 260.-*

Oak, ash or varnished maple - whether on stage or in the orchestra pit - a beautiful wooden cap increases even more the value of your beloved instrument. It is the culmination of your personal appreciation of expensive instruments and symbolizes your attachment to a traditional guild. The noble points can be found in each small detail. Delivered with a Rovner Star Series ligature, in a high-quality packaging for a surplus of only 20 Euro compared to the simple mouthpiece.

Series Nommos

Nommos B2 German model               
Mouthpiece: € 240.-*   Set: 264.-*

This combination of mouthpiece and synthetic reed offers to all German B2 players the required playing characteristics of their usual B2 combined with all the advantages of a high-quality plastic reed. Longevity, reliability, excellent response through all registers and after some exercises in playing the tones will absolutely be comparable to those produced by wooden reeds. The mouthpiece has a bit more resistance than the old PlayEasy series and– combined with our synthetic reed - is easy to use by a modern clarinet player in all fields and requirements. Nommos B2 in German version, including 6 French Master Cut synthetic reeds, ligature and cap. Price 264 Euro, single mouthpiece: 240 Euro

Nommos M German model                        
Mouthpiece: € 240.-*   Set: 264.-*

Simple and stable in sound, the joy of playing is immediately transferred to the listener as well as to the clarinet player. Developed in the same way as our old Solist M, the new Nommos M with synthetic reeds is a successful solution for those who no longer want to struggle with wooden reeds every day. If you are not used to taking the mouthpiece deep into your mouth and you were satisfied with our Solist M - here is the perfect combination for this playing manner. The set is offered in German version with 6 French synthetic reeds and is thus playable depending on the desired sound, incl. ligature and cap. Price: 264 Euro, single mouthpiece: 240 Euro

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