unser Unternehmen hat sich seit über 10 Jahren auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von hochwertigen Mundstücken für Klarinette und Saxophon spezialisiert. Auf den folgenden Seiten finden Sie Informationen über Mundstücke für B-Klarinette, Es-Klarinette, Bassetthorn und Bassklarinette, Sopran-, Alt-, Tenor- und Bariton-Saxophonmundstücke, abgestimmte Systeme für Schüler und Solisten wie beispielsweise unser PlayEasy-System, die Serie Solist, Wenzel Fuchs oder die Lars Mlekusch-Serie, Sonderanfertigungen, Solistenmundstücke in Holz, Kautschuk oder Kunststoff, Mundstückkopien, Bahnbearbeitungen, Produktentwicklung und Klangdesign, Beratung, Vorträge und Workshops, Zubehör wie Titanringe, Ligaturen, Blattschrauben in Titan oder Aluminium, Légère Reeds und noch vieles mehr...
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Announcement: Sax 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands



SAX14, International Saxophone Festival Amsterdam celebrates the 200th anniversary of Adolphe Sax. The festival will take place from November 20th-24th. The program is filled with workshops, masterclasses and concerts with international artists from different fields like Classical music, Jazz, Pop and World music. There will also be an exhibition where we are going to exhibit our saxophone mouthpieces. 

Click the following link for further information on the festival  www.saxfestival.com.

Karl Leister at Playnick




In the second week of September we got a visit from our long-standing customer Karl Leister in our „Center of Excellence“. For further information click here...

Announcement for dealers

Musicians from all over the world contact us on a daily base. Due to the constantly growing demand for our products we have decided to expand our list of distributors and include new distribution partners worldwide. We would like to be able to refer our customers to the specialist shops in the respective countries in order to have access to our products directly there and without any bother. So if you are interested in becoming a distribution partner for our products just contact us!

PLAYNICK USB stick - now available!

Do you happen to know that feeling: A certain event is coming up like for examples Christmas or an occasion like the final exam of a colleague etc. and you would like to make a present, something small but not just anything, it has to be something special, then we have the perfect solution for you – our PLAYNICK USB stick for only €39,90! It is a real eye-catcher (not only for clarinetists) and also very practical with it’s 8GB memory space and you can easily fix it on your bunch of keys.

On the fly... an interview with Wenzel Fuchs

Due to his brimful schedule Wenzel Fuchs (Principal Clarinet with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) wasn’t able to grace the ClarinetFest 2013 in Assisi with his presence but he did take the time to answer a few questions of Nick Kückmeier – the entire interview „On the fly“ can be found here...